Important Tigo Recall

First 5 Contra Costa learned in late 2007 that both TIGO bags - the TIGO bus bag and smaller TIGO-on-the-Go bag - have elevated levels of lead.  These bags should no longer be used by you or your child.

Lead products pose a health risk for young children. Although no known cases of lead poisoning have resulted from the use of the TIGO bags, we want to eliminate any possible exposure to your child. That’s why we’re asking you to stop using your TIGO bag and return it to a collection site:

  • Antioch First 5 Center, 512 West 5th Street, Antioch (925) 757-5303
  • Delta First 5 Center, 760 First Street, Brentwood (925) 516-3880
  • Monument Community First 5 Center, 1736 Clayton Road (925) 671-3268
  • West County First 5 Center, 2707 Dover Street, San Pablo (510) 232-5650

March 2012 Update

Tigo kits were primarily distributed by First 5-funded school readiness programs, home visiting programs, and the First 5 Centers in Antioch, Bay Point, Concord, Pittsburg, Richmond and San Pablo.  A small number were distributed in Martinez and Brentwood.  These kits were given to families who signed up and participated in multiple classes.  They were not randomly given away.

Due to the rash of news reports in 2007 about lead in children's toys made in China, First 5 Contra Costa proactively asked the Center for Environmental Health to test both versions of its TIGO early learning kits for lead contaminants. While the toys and educational materials inside the kit were determined to be safe - including blocks, beads, crayons, books, Play-Doh and a puppet - test results from the independent laboratory revealed that some of the fabric in the TIGO carrying cases contained elevated levels of lead.

On November 21, 2007, First 5 Contra Costa halted all Tigo kit distribution and then worked with our distribution partners to implement a recall plan.  This plan included:

  • Having program outreach workers and other staff contact families who received kits directly via phone calls and letters.
  • Providing incentives (a book and puppet) to encourage parents to turn in their bags.
  • Distributing flyers in English and Spanish at elementary schools, WIC offices, health clinics, and home visiting programs in the communities where children had received Tigo kits.
  • Providing local organizations, including the First 5 Centers, with flyers in English and Spanish to distribute and with posters to display.
  • Distributing information to media outlets.
  • Posting information on the First 5 Web site.
  • Sending letters and flyers to local elected officials.
  • Alerting county health officials.

Review documents used for our Tigo recall.

More Information

Tigo Recall Flyer (with photos of recalled Tigo bags):
English En Español

Tigo bags were replaced in 2008 with this one.

For more information about the recall, contact (925) 771-7313.